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Registration Procedure

Join Free

Step 1:Click JOIN FREE
Step 2:Fill the information
Step 3:It will go to Admin Section of Qport.in.
Step 4:Qport.in will allow you to register as Join Free after initial verification.

Verified Supplier

Step 5:To Register as Verified Supplier form will be send to you through the mail.
Step 6: Submit the scan copy of your documents through the mail (Documents needed, Address Proof, PAN Card, VAT/TIN Copy/Company Registration Proof ect mention in verification form).Our executive will visit you for personal verification.
Step 7:Be a Verified Supplier to build the trust and get response directly from the buyer. Payment to be registered as verified supplier should be through the bank only.
Step 8: After confirmation from our admin we register you as Verified Supplier.
Enjoy the privilege of being verified supplier by getting buyers lead, tenders,technical
information and to advertise your product.
Upgrade yourself to Assessed Supplier, Audited & Rated Supplier and Gold Supplier.