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  TSA Lock with Metal Casing  -India   Verified

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017, 1700 hours (Singapore Time).

For suppliers with interest to participate, please provide the following information and send to the project owners' business email (kanimoshi.govindasamy@singhealth.com.sg & kannagi.govindasamy@singhealth.com.sg) with email subject as "Interest To Participate –     SGH_MMD_Q_17_010_GME_Supply and Delivery of TSA Lock with Metal Casing":

· Company Name;
· Company Address;
· Sales Person Name;
· Company Generic Email (which would be used as login id);
· Contact Number. 
Note A: It is the onus of the suppliers to contact the project owners if they do not receive a reply from the project owners to grant them access to the ITQ event within 1 working day.

Note B: We strongly recommend suppliers to register using company’s generic email address. For example, sales@test-supplier.com.sg instead of their individual business email address such as peter@test-supplier.com.sg.

2. Clarifications of ITQ
Suppliers are to send all clarifications to project owners’ business email (kanimoshi.govindasamy@singhealth.com.sg & kannagi.govindasamy@singhealth.com.sg).

Clarifications sent through other channels, such as Ariba Discovery Q&A or Event Messages, may result in suppliers not receiving the response in time for submissionof proposal before the closing date and time.

Quantity :-Pcs
Additional Information Provided by Buyer
Expire After : 1 Month

SME Promotion: